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world premiere: "The river of no one" - March 12, 2022

The river of no one, Telepresence Stage 2022

London premiere: "Mourning for a dead moon"

Mourning for a dead moon: world premiere- December 7th, 2019



For the PREMIERE of METAKIMOSPHERE no.1, March 31, 2015 go here

For the PREMIERE of METAKIMOSPHERE no.2, Madrid July 2015
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For the PREMIERE of METAKIMOSPHERE no.4, May 27, 2017
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For the PREMIERE of METAKIMOSPHERE no.5, December 9, 2017 go here

For the new whisper room and moon series of rehearsals go here

Constructing Realities - Kinetic Atmospheres:

DAP-Lab invites to a first cross-discipline masterclass at Brunel University, 20 Frebruary 2018, open to all students and staff and guests, initiating the new CreativeFutures@Brunel digital masterclass series

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The DAP-lab's current research program is supported by the EU Culture Programme as part of the collaborative trans-european METABODY research project. DAP-Lab is one of the co-organizers of the Metabody Project and has started to work with new partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands on the creation of two new prototype performance designs.

Visit our METABODY project archive.




The founding of DAP-LAB in 2004

Emerging from the Telematic Performance Lab at Nottingham Trent University, the first phase of design/performance experiments directed by Johannes Birringer and Michèle Danjoux in autumn 2004 featured design concepts by Danjoux, Jo Cope and Gemma Harrison. These initial workshops brought together young designers from fashion (Cope, Harrison, later joined by Siobhan McHugh and Emma Wilkes), performance (Marie Denis, Natalie Verhaegen, Natasha Stott), photography (Yoon Bo Shim), and fine art (Helen Knight).

The second workshop series (March - May 2005) expanded the film and movement studies of DAP-Lab's investigations focussing on Danjoux's design-in-motion principles, combining the research into sensual technologies and live streaming performance.

The March 2005 workshop culminated in an all night live interactive performance of "Telematic Dress" (click here)

The "Emergent Dress" signals phases III-IV of the DAP-Lab, featuring design concepts by Michèle Danjoux, and consolidating online collaborative partnership drected by Birringer with the Department of Dance, Ariziona State University. See our partner site in Arizona, click here.

In 2006, the Lab's relocated to Brunel University, London, starting research collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers for Phases IV-V. These phases resulted in the development of new prototypes [Teshigahara collection], and the production (Phase VI) of the performance work Suna no Onna exhibited in London in late fall of 2007 and spring of 2008.

The Lab's subsequent performance research project (2008- 2010) is entitled UKIYO (Moveable World), developing new transcultural partnerships with artists in Japan. The new production went on tour to Slovenia in 2010 before premiering at Sadler's Wells, London.

DAP-Lab now works at the cutting edge of new peformance concepts and architectures with intelligent wearables and audio-visual choreographies. After a longer development phase, Danjoux's new audiophonic wearables form the core of for the time being, staged at Watermans Art Center in a first version of the new opera in 2012. Built as an homage to the 1913 futurist opera "Victory over the Sun," the opera was considerably expanded for its premiere at Sadlers Wells in April 2014.

The DAP-lab's most research program was supported by the EU Culture Programme as part of the collaborative METABODY grant project (2013-2017). DAP-Lab was one of the co-organizers of the Metabody Project, and from 2015 onward began to develop a series of large scale kinetic atmospheres (kimospheres) which have been exhibited in Spain, Germany, France and England.


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Anne Laure Misme [above left], Helenna Ren, Caroline Wilkins, Michèle Danjoux & Eng Tat Khoo working in Mixed Reality Lab residency, Tokyo, December 2009.


Research/Production team


Lab directors and principal investigators: Johannes Birringer (Performance, Brunel University) & Michèle Danjoux (Fashion, LCF).


Paul Verity Smith (Sensor programming/Photography, Research Associate), Oded Ben-Tal (music, Research Associate), Katsura Isobe (Dancer), Helenna Ren (Performance, Research Associate), Doros Polydorou (3D motion graphics, Brunel University), Hsueh-Pei Wang (design, technotextiles, Brunel University), Dr Maozhen Li (Engineering and Design, Brunel University, Research Associate); Dr Jinsheng Kang (Engineering and Design, Brunel University), Dr Olu Taiwo (Performance/Media Art, Research Associate, Winchester University), Mamen Rivera (lighting, Research Associate), Caroline Wilkins (music, performance), Miguel Alonso (Ligthing, Research Associate, Barcelona), Yiorgos Bakalos (actor, Research Associate), Anne Laure Misme (Performance, MA Brunel Drama), Sandy Finlayson (sound processes, Research Associate), Jennifer McColl (MPhil Brunel Drama), Giulia Tonucci (Visiting Student, Bologna), Yoko Ishiguro (performance artist;MA Performance Making, Brunel) , Ross Jennings (actor/BA Theatre, Brunel),Aggeliki Margeti (dancer;MA Performance Making, Brunel), Oliver Doyle (sound, music), Cameron McKirdy (software programmer/performance arist;BA Theatre,Brunel), Graeme Shaw (Sound Technican; Music/Sonic Arts, Brunel, John Richards (electronics engineer/sound artist; de Montf University), Aleksandar Tomic (director, Philharmonic Lights) , Hae-In Song (dancer/choreographer/techno-shaman, Phd researcher, Brunel), Vanessa Michielon (dancer, Turino/London), Manaskarn Insang (dancer, Bangkok), Rosella Galindo (dancer/researcher, Mexico DF), Sara S. Belle (musician/performer, MA Music Brunel); Zhi Xu (dancer/choreographer, Phd researcher Brunel), Dee Egan (sonic artist), Elisabeth E. Sutherland (dancer/performance artist, Ghana), Yohai Hakak (psychologist, dancer), Louie Marlow (sonic artist) and Sahar Sajadieh (digital artist, UC Santa Barbara).

Associates: Yukihiko Yoshida (dance reseracher, Keio University, Japan), Macarena Ortuzar (dancer/choreographer, Oxford), Chris Bishop (network artist/software artist; Monash University), Azzie McCutcheon (choreographer/dancer), Martina Reynolds (theatre producer/social scientist), Maria Wiener (Digital Artist/Postdoctoral Fellow), Umut Ozbay (sound, Istanbul); Jonathan Reus (electronic artist/sound artist), Neal Spowage (sound artist/electronics artist). Emma Filtness (writer/poet), Eve Gabarre (filmmaker), Niluefer Ovalioglu (Performance, Research Student), Cidinha Fursan Bendixen (Creative Collaborations, Research Student),Luca Forcucci (composer, sonic artist), Nam Eun Song (Performance, Research Student, Jo Cope (Fashion Researcher), Siobhan McHugh (Fashion Researcher).

Research objective


Founding D A P-lab directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

(c) DAP-Lab