The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance

at Antonin Artaud Performance Centre

Brunel University London

International Metabody Laboratory

Monday through Saturday, April 4 - 9, 2016

Monday - Wednesday, April 4-6: Technical Constructions and Tech-in

Thursday, 7 April: Symposium 15:oo - 21:3o "Performance Architectures, Wearables, Gestures of Participation"

Fri-Sat 8-9 April: Workshops (10:oo - 17:oo) - Public Performances and exhibitions 18:00 - 21:30


"metakimosphere no. 3," Elisabeth Sutherland performing with new garment design by Michèle Danjoux @ 2016 DAP-Lab.

Metabody is a collaborative European project that works to redefine bodies in media, performance and design in less reductionist ways than is usual in current information technologies. Metabody develops new architectures which behave like living organisms that have an auditory, visual, and tactile sensory quality, with subtly changing states and affordances, they can be worn and breathed, felt and imagined, transported and taken off. Metabody counteracts dominant technologies and their prevalent tendency to negate differences by reducing bodies and movements to prescribed forms in current surveillance culture. Metabody emphasizes the openness and indeterminacy of embodied expressions as a key factor for a sustainable society. This project foregrounds the need for a new politics. The workshop & performance laboratory probes troubling interpretations of the increasing unrestrainment of capital in our current era, and capitalism’s impact on all social-economic, cultural, creative, and educational sectors in a shared developed world now expanded by massive migration and refugee movement. The sustainability of democracy is an urgent theme for all those in the performing arts/creative fields & current political atmosphere becoming intensely aware of the multiplication of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures; diasporas) and the tightening of our bodies into technological environments.

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Images: Dancer Elisabeth Sutherland performing in NailFeathersDress by Michele Danjoux [above] / Immersive performance installation of "Metakimosphere no. 3" by DAP-Lab, visitors touching sound objects worn bydancer Sasha Pitale, 2016 (c) photo Sally Trussler

Featured artists in performance include:

Metabody Partners: Jaime del Val, Cristian García (Reverso); Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Yoko Ishiguro, Vanessa Michielon, Aggeliki Margeti, Azzie McCutcheon, Hae-in Song, Helenna Ren, Christopher Bishop, Seeta Indrani, Martina Reynolds, Elisabeth Sutherland, Hongye Deng, Waka Arai, Hongye Deng, Sahsa Pitale, and Neal Spowage (DAP-Lab)

Participating Artists: Salud López (Spain) Nora O' Murchú (Ireland), Randall Packer, Galina Mihaleva (Singapore), Angeline Young (Arizona, USA), Maria Kapsali (UK), Simon East (UK), Janice Jones (AUS), Javier Aparicio/Javi F. Gorosti (Spain), Larissa Ferreira (Brasil) Caroline Yan Zheng (UK), Paula Aida Guzzanti, Martin Devek and Tristan Clutterbuck (Northern Ireland), Laura Potrovic (France), Federico Viso (UK), Kathleen McDermot (USA) Isabelle Arvers (France), Oji Obioma (Scotland), Jung In Jung (UK), Peggy Reynolds (UK), Anna Troisi (UK), at al.

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This event is sponsored by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance and was early on supported by the METABODY grant (EU culture program)

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From the premiere of metakimosphere no. 3 by DAP-Lab: click here for a short evocation of the NailFeathers wearable.

Some presentations and roundtables, co-produced with DAPLabTV, and will be archived online.



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(c) 2016 The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance, Johannes Birringer (acting director)