Visual Archive of the event (April 7-9, 2016)


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Johannes Birringer welcomes the participants


Opening presentation on the Metabody concepts by Jaime del Val (Instituto Reverso)

Larissa Ferreira speaks about the composite body

Maria Kapsali introduces 'soundflux'


Janice Jones speaks about her ritual performance work on grieving [left] and Javier Aparicio introduces his research on real-time music composition and synaesthetic performance


Peggy Reynolds speaks about 'Psychic Vortices' [left] and Salud Lopez addresses the 'perception of the imperceptible'


Caroline Yan Zheng conducts a workshop with soft robotic materials

Paula Guzzanti and her team perform 'I-Reflexes'

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Birringer and Danjoux moderate the concluding roundtable discussion at the end of the first day

All photographs (c) DAP-Lab

click here for short film of the Friday and Saturday performances of "metakimosphere" in the main theatre space

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(c) 2016 Artaud Forum / Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance