Visual Archive of the event (April 7-9, 2016) - Part 2: The performances

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'Metatopia' performance wearables with Jaime del Val (Reverso)

Federico Visi performs 'Tuned Constrained' in Studio 101 on the first night


Javier Aparicio performs his 'Synbody' sonic performance with wearable sensor system, in an improvised duet with Paula Guzzanti on the last night [left]. Federico Visi also performs in the main theatre during the final jam session in the metakimosphere space.


Janice Jones performs her ritual performance work '13 Moons - A Story of Ashes, Blood, Light', revised version on Saturday night (above. Her first version was shown on Friday at noon.


Isabelle Arvers introduces her work from the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais, France, where she taught machinima workshops and created several of the machinima docs presented here, e.g. 'Zimako, de la jungle de Calais au michinima'[on the right]


Local audience follows live networked workshop 'TOUCH - NETWORKED WEARABLES', streamed from Singapore and conducted by Randall Packer and Gilena Mihaleva linking up with Angeline Young at Arizona State University


Paula Guzzanti and her team perform 'I-Reflexes' and also incorporates 'Sonolope' (by Maria Kapsali and Simon East) into her Saturday performance on top of the 'coal' drawing created on the canvas by Larissa Ferreira, on the day before, see her performance on the left, on top of video-projected graphemes.

There were no photos allowed during the intimate performance of Anna Troisi's 'OB SCENE'

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DAP-Lab's 'metakimosphere' - visitors entering the architecrure, with Elisabeth Sunderland seen wearning the NailfeatherDress, and Helenna Ren under the mosquenet actuaed by a visitor from the Ealing Association for the Blind in a special presentation of the new work Friday, April 8 at 16:oo

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