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KIMOSPHERES in 2016: Rehearsals for International Metabody Forum (April 4-9, 2016)

Rehearsal 1 - Rehearsal 2 - Rehearsal 3 - Metabody Forum London


The DAP-Lab company is seen here rehearsing towards its third installment of a "kinetic atmosphere" with new new conceptual performance-costumes interlinked to architectural kinetic states and phases. These phenomena of presencing "dance" as atmospheres in space that can be felt, heard, and experiences through all senses, visual and non-visual, are examined by the DAP-Lab artists under the name "metakimosphere".
The concept for an immersive installation was developed over the last two years, and the second installment of metakimosphere occured during the International Metabody Forum in Madrid (July 2015).

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kimosphere rehearsal - February 21, 2016 with Yoko Ishiguro, inside the architectural fabric. Further behind: Sasha Pitale, under the weaverbird manipulated by Waka Arai; Aggeliki Margeti performs with the Beakhandspeaker. Projected images by Chris Bishop, Vanessa Michielon and Seeta Indrani. Sound processing by Elisabeth Sutherland. Costume and object design by Michèle Danjoux.Light, scenography by Johannes Birringer.

The company's rehearsals were filmed by two cameras. Here we share two short film made by Martina Reynolds of the last rehearsal performances in our large theatre warehouse, the featured peformers are Yoko Ishiguro, Hae-in Song, and Hongye Deng

Short Film 1

Short Film 2

D A P-lab directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

(c) DAP-Lab 2016