The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance

at Antonin Artaud Performance Centre

Brunel University, London

Image: Kimosphere no.2, Vanessa Michielon in origami dress by Michèle Danjoux, graphic projection by Chris Bishop, sound by Jonathan Reus & Johannes Birringer, created by DAP-Lab and TuDelft, IMF Madrid 2015.

International Metabody Laboratory

Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University London

Monday through Saturday, April 4 – 9, 2016


Metabody is a collaborative European project that works to redefine bodies in media, performance and design in less reductionist ways than is usual in current information technologies. Metabody develops new architectures which behave like living organisms that have an auditory, visual, and tactile sensory quality, with subtly changing states and affordances, they can be worn and breathed, felt and imagined, transported and taken off. Metabody counteracts dominant technologies and their prevalent tendency to negate differences by reducing bodies and movements to prescribed forms in current surveillance culture. Metabody emphasizes the openness and indeterminacy of embodied expressions as a key factor for a sustainable society. This project foregrounds the need for a new politics. The workshop & performance laboratory probes troubling interpretations of the increasing unrestrainment of capital in our current era, and capitalism’s impact on all social-economic, cultural, creative, and educational sectors in a shared developed world now expanded by massive migration and refugee movement. The sustainability of democracy is an urgent theme for all those in the performing arts/creative fields becoming intensely aware of the multiplication of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures, diasporas) and the tightenng of our bodies into technological environments.

We invited proposals for symposium papers as well as workshop propo sals: all studio spaces are available for practical physical and conceptual workshop encounters over a period of three days (Thursday through Saturday, April 7-9), including public performances, exhibitions, screenings, and urban situations.

There will be a registration fee of £ 75.00 for all participants.

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Past workshops


Contested Exchanges: Space, Place and the Performance of Democracy

International Conference-Workshop

March 27-29, 2015

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Theatre and Resonant Politics

Struggle between students and teachers against government forces, Oaxaca 2006 © photo: Israel Rosas

International Conference-Workshop

March 23 - March 24, 2013

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Konnecting Gestures

Helenna Ren in DAP-Lab rehearsal with camera and Kinect interface (c) DAP-Lab 2011

International Conference-Workshop on Performance and Sound Technologies

March 30 - April 1, 2012

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The World from within and without

(in memoriam Kazuo Ohno)

Yumi Sagara and Biyo Kikuchi (Maison Artaud, Tokyo) performing at Artaud Performance Centre, West London

April 4-5, 2011

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All Keynotes and Roundtables are co-produced with DAPLabTV and streamed online as well as archived.



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