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ARTAUD FORUM I: The World from within and without (in memoriam Kazuo Ohno)

"Cell Dislocation", performed by Biyo Kukuchi. Photo (c) Maite Soler

The keynote lectures and roundtables discussions have been broadcast live and are archived

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Some of our artistic events, and the physical workshops, were filmed, and short excerpts are available, along with interviews with the participating artists and researchers.

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Biyo Kikuchi (Choreographer/dancer, Kazuo Ohno Studios/Maison Artaud, Tokyo)

Biyo Kikuchi is a dancer/choreographer who studied Butoh with Yoshito and Kazuo Ohno. Additionally, she learned many forms of expression with the body, exploring gesture, action, movement and body expression in varying spaces, contexts and situations. Solo works include: "Pan-barabara","New Moon", "End of the Day", "Form for the future." She has organized her own group and produces her work, as well as collaborating with Kim Itoh, Natsu Nakajima, Kazuo and Yoshito Ohono. At Min Tanaka?s Dance Hakushu Festival she performed solo dance showcase for three years. She also collaborates with artists and musicians on improvisational performance, working with communities and holding workshops of body work and improvisation.

Olu Taiwo (Choreographer; lecturer in performing arts, University of Winchester)

Olu Taiwo graduated from the Laban Centre with an MA in Choreography and wrote his PhD on Performance philosophy. He teaches dance, visual development and performance in a combination of real and virtual formats and has a background in Fine Art. He is an actor, dancer and drummer performing in national and international contexts. His main interests are to propagate 21st century issues concerning the interaction between body, identity, audience and technology. This includes research based on both his concepts of the Return beat (West African rhythmic sensibility), and the Physical journal (Embodied knowledge and memory). He performed a lead role in Suna No Onna, and developed Harmonious Interruptions. a new piece with Ace Dance co based in Newbury, and a new solo work, Interfacing.

Edward Scheer (Assoc. Professor in Theatre/Performance Studies, University of New South Wales & President PSi, Performance Studies international, Sidney)

Dr Edward Scheer is Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies and Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of English, Media and Performing Arts at the University of New South Wales. He is a founding editor of the journal Performance Paradigm (with Peter Eckersall) and has edited a number of books including Antonin Artaud: A Critical Reader (Routledge 2004) and Technologies of Magic. A Cultural Study of Ghosts, Machines and the Uncanny with John Potts (Power 2006). He has published articles on performance art and aesthetics in TDR, PAJ, Parkett and Performance Research and has written numerous catalogue essays for the AGNSW, Documenta, the Biennale of Sydney and the Auckland Triennial. His study of Australian artist Mike Parr's performance art, The Infinity Machine (Schwartz City Press, 2010) is the first comprehensive account of this major artist?s practice. Scheer?s most recent book The Atmosphere Engine (UNSW Press 2011) explores the idea of performative media in the context of groundbreaking work in interactive cinema from the iCinema project. A former chairman of the board of directors of the Performance Space in Sydney, he is currently President of PSi, Performance Studies international, the largest international professional association in the field of performance studies.

Steve Dixon (Professor of Digital Arts and Performance, Brunel University)

Steve Dixon Steve Dixon is a Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Professor of Performance and Technology at Brunel University in London. His 800 page book Digital Performance: A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art and Installation (2007, MIT Press) is the most comprehensive study of the field to date, and has won two international book awards including the Association of American Publishers Award for Excellence in Music and Performing Arts. His creative practice-as-research includes international multimedia theatre tours as director of The Chameleons Group (since 1994), two award winning CD-ROMs, interactive Internet performances, and telematic arts events. He is Associate Editor of The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media and has published extensively on subjects including digital arts, cultural theory, performance studies, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Katsura Isobe (Choreographer/dancer, London)

Katsura Isobe is an independent dance artist. She holds BA Dance and Dance Education at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan, and MA Scenography [Dance] at Laban Centre London. Katsura's current interest is one's physical and psychological states in a particular environment. Her practice involves improvisation and collaboration with artists in another art disciplines. Her collaboration experience includes DAP Lab with Johannes Birringer and Michele Danjoux (interactive design/physical theatre), Carol Brown (site-specific performance, interactive installation), Caroline Collinge (costume design), Clod Ensemble (interdisciplinary theatre), Thomas Kampe (Feldenkrais Method and improvisation), Ute Kanngiesser (cello), Stephanie Schober (contemporary dance), Paul Verity Smith (sensor interaction), Fulvio Rubesa (Photography), and Jairo Zaldua and Nicola Green (printmaking). Website:

Manabu Shimada (Sound artist, London)

Manabu Shimada is a sonic artist based on Tokyo/London. He designs sound art and minimal music influenced by natural phenomenon as audio-visual environment

Katarzyna Pastuszak (artistic director of Amareya Theatre & curator of the Gdansk Dance Festival / Club ZAK, Gdansk, Poland).

Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak (Ph.D) - dancer and artistic director of Amareya Theatre based in Gdansk, Poland; curator of the Gdansk Dance Festival (Club ZAK Gdansk, Poland). Graduated from Scandinavian Studies (Gdansk University, MA Tracing the Essence of Odin Teatret); Theatre Studies (Theatre Academy, Warsaw, MA Introduction to Butoh and Doctoral Studies at the Gdansk University; the title of her dissertation is Hijikata Tatsumi's Ankoku butoh - the theatre of body-in-crisis. She has a broad experience in such techniques as butoh, contemporary dance, improvisation and composition. Since 2003 she works as the programmer of the Theatre Stage of Club ZAK where she coordinates such events as Gdansk Dance Festival, Butoh Dance Festival (which she initiated in 2003), Beyond the Borders project, Dream Regime project. In 2007-2009 she has been a lecturer at the Department of Cultural Studies of the Gdansk University where she lectures on culture animation and Japanese theatre. Since 2009 she is also a member of CID Council, Polish Cultural Studies Society. Her articles on theatre and dance were published in Polish theatre magazines Didaskalia and Teatr.

Sebastian Prantl (Director, Tanzatelier Wien, Austria)

Sebastian Prantl was born in Vienna, Austria and received his performing arts education in New York in the early 1980ies, when he studied at the Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Martha Graham School, the Juilliard School, the Whitney Independent Studio Program and others. Together with the pianist Cecilia Li he founded Tanz Atelier Wien in 1988. Projects, productions, symposia are produced on an international basis. His orientation towards art related themes and live music gives him a distinct label in the growing Austrian Dance milieu. Sebastian Prantl's choreographic work has taken him to India, China, Taiwan, Canada, USA, Europe etc. As a key figure for independent dance enterprises in Austria he strove for lasting support and a centre for contemporary dance and choreography (Tanzquartier Wien). Several federal and European Art Awards followed. His teaching methodologies were introduced in various dance institutions all over the world. His solo/duo formats together with Cecilia Li remain the pivot point for international projects/cooperations. Since 2009 he is the artistic director of the International ChoreoLab Austria in cooperation with the Danube University Krems. This interdisciplinary project aims at providing postgraduate education in dance and choreography and intends to work with an enhanced interpretation of the term choreography that combines contemporary dance, theoretical discourse and performative training. (wesbite:

Damien Serban (Filmmaker, Paris)

Damien Serban lives in Paris, France; he graduated, with honors, from the Applied Arts Superior Institute in Paris 2003; he directed during his studies three short films. Epines and Le Cosmos dans une Assiette de P?tes, (with Yann Bertrand) and Chut.... With his first independent project, Chrysalide (2005. with Yann Bertrand), he began to focus on 3D imagery that shows the polygons and architectures usually hidden, as well as the errors created by a software pushed to its limits. This film on butoh is distributed by Autour de Minuit, and was shown at numerous international festivals and exhibitions both as a three part film and as a video installation. From 2006 to 2007 Damien directed abstract films focusing on morphing and compression errors, searching the border between what humans can't grasp and what is no longer controlled by the computer. The film "Chrysalide" (2005) transcribes, through three chapters, different states of the Japanese dance. Mixing 3D animation and film, the work contrasts this carnal, visceral dance with the coldness of 3D and its architectures and polygons. In between organic and digital textures. This film is also part of an installation conceived in parallel with Michel Lauricella's sculptures and drawings as well as Dorothea Nold's photographs. "Chrysalide" is co-directed by Damien Serban and Yann Bertrand

Peter Sempel (Filmmaker, Hamburg)

Peter Sempel grew up in the Australian outback, studied at Hamburg University: physical education + literature, loves to visit opera and punk concerts on same day, is a fanatic of culture, loves performance of the sun, and doubts that the sun is round. He started MusicFilms in 1981, Most of his films are supported by Filmfoerderung/Culture-department of City Hamburg,and distributed by Pandora, SilverCine; his screenings have often been supported by Goethe-Institute, and since 2003 the films are shown on German art-tv: ZDF/3sat and ARTE. He also presents photo exhibitions and videoshows in galleries, museums & cinemas. His film "Just Visiting This planet" was first released in 1991 and shown all over the world, including Int. Filmfestival Berlin, Filmfestival Sao Paulo, Anthology Film Archives New York, Fantasia Filmfestival Madrid, Cinemateque Tel Aviv, Festival Int. Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Hall Walls Buffalo, Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo, Festival Int. du Film d'Art Paris, Int. Filmfestival Helsinki, Museo Nacionale Brasilia, Festival Monumental Lisboa, Int. Tanzfilmtage Dresden, Ex+Pop Berlin, etc.

Karolina Bieszczad-Roley (Researcher/photographer, Oslo)

Karolina Bieszczad-Roley is a researcher and a photographer with a primary interest in performance photography. She did her MA in Theatre Studies in Poland and PhD in Performance Studies in London. She started photographing Japanese Butoh dance in 2001 and she has continued to follow footsteps of various performance artists around the world ever since. Her independent photography projects take performances out of theatre buildings and place them in new and challenging surroundings, such as National Gallery in London, Westminster underground station in London or Shipyard in Gdansk where Solidarity was born. Karolina perceives photographing as an interpersonal communication mediated by a camera, a close collaboration between a photographer and a photographed subject. The experience of photographing is for her equally important as the images obtained, which creates a unique approach to photography. (website:

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Michèle Danjoux (Designer, Principal Lecturer, Fashion, De Montfort University)

Michèle Danjoux is a fashion designer and fashion educator who has collaborated on a number of cross-disciplinary and publicly exhibited projects placing fashion design in a wider arts and cultural context, including Archaeology Revealed, Satellites of Fashion and Textures of Memory. Her design films have been shown at Wearable Futures (Newport), Digital Cultures (Nottingham), and DRHA (Dartington). The "Kluver" film installation of emergent design was exhibited at the Prague Quadrennial's "Design in Motion" festival, June 2007. Her Teshigahara collection premiered at Laban Centre, 2007, and was shown at "Inside Out", Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, in 2008, and her new audiophonic designs for UKIYO premiered in June 2010 at Kibla Media Arts Center, Slovenia, and in November 2010 at Sadler's Wells, London. She has published several articles on her design-in-motion research, and she is currently Principal Lecturer and Program Leader of MA Fashion Bodywear at De Montfort University. Since 2004 she co-directs the DAP-Lab and its researrch projects together with Johannes Birringer (website:

Gordana Novakovic (Artist-in-Residence, Computer Science Department, University College London, Tesla Art and Science Group)

Originally a painter, with 12 solo exhibitions to her credit, Gordana Novakovic has more than twenty years? experience of developing and exhibiting large-scale time-based media projects. Her artistic practice and theoretical work that intersects art, science and advanced digital technologies has formed five Cycles: Parallel Worlds, The Shirt of a Happy Man, Infonoise and Fugue. A constant mark of her work throughout her experiments with new technologies has been her distinctive method of creating an effective cross-disciplinary framework for the emergence of synergy through collaboration. Gordana exhibited and lectured at leading interdisciplinary festivals and symposia, and artistic and scientific conferences; such as ISEA, Towards a Science of Consciousness and Mutamorphosis most recently. Alongside her artistic practice, in the last five years Gordana has been artist-in-residence at Computer Science Department, University College London, where she has founded and convenes the Tesla Art and Science Group. She has received a number of international and British academic awards.

Ksenia Yakunicheva (Researcher in design and performance, St Petersburg)

Ksenia Yakunicheva was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. She holds a Master of Industrial Design, graduating from Lund University, Sweden, 2007; and from St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, Russia, 2008. Won several design competitions, i.e. Modulor 2007. Owing to the MEXT grant studied at Kyushu University (Japan) as a postgraduate researcher, 2009 - 2011. Discovered her interdisciplinary research approach that joins living space design and art of performance, during her study in Japan, where she concentrated on the traditional and modern Japanese performance arts, as well as on the phenomenon of the traditional Japanese house. Currently works as a freelance designer in St. Petersburg and plans to conduct a PhD research in the near future. Other activities: painting, photography.

Soenke Zehle (director XMLab, Academy of Arts Saarbrücken)

Soenke Zehle teaches transcultural literary and media studies at Saarland University and the Academy of Fine Arts Saar. Various degrees in literature, translation, and philosophy, some useful, others less so, but all greatly enjoyable. Ongoing involvement in net.cultural projects, with a special emphasis on play, visual media, and network ecologies. Interest in research as ethico-aesthetic rather than academic practice. Director of the Academy's XMLab - Experimental Media Lab. xmlab

Johannes Birringer (Director, DAP-Lab/Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance, Brunel University)

Johannes Birringer is a choreographer and media artist. As artistic director of the Houston-based AlienNation Co.(, he has created numerous dance-theatre works, video installations and digital projects in collaboration with artists in Europe, the Americas, China, Japan and Australia. His recent production, the digital oratorio Corpo, Carne e Espirito, premiered in Brasil at the FIT Theatre Festival in 2008, and the interactive dancework Suna no Onna was featured at festivals in London. He is founder of Interaktionslabor Goettelborn in Germany ( and director of DAP-Lab at Brunel University, West London, where he is a Professor of Performance Technologies in the School of Arts. The Lab's new mixed-reality installation UKIYO went on European tour in June 2010. His latest book, Performance, Technology and Science, was released by PAJ Publications in 2009.

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Aldith Gauci (University of Malta)

Aldith Gauci (born 1986, Malta), performance scholar and freelance artist working through the mediums of theatre and performance. Her training includes a BA Theatre Studies (Malta), MA Performance Studies (Wales), and two years theatre training with theatre ensemble Icarus Performance Project ( Aldith?s research interests focus on performance presence and Asian theatre practices. Currently she is coordinator of a community-based project in Birgu, Malta (sponsored by the Malta Arts Fund), assistant director of the organisation Opening Doors (a theatre group for people with learning disabilities, and member of staff at the Theatre Studies Division, University of Malta.

Fabrizio Manco (Roehampton University)

Fabrizio Manco's varied artistic practice includes performance and live art, choreography, drawing, installation and video, cutting across artistic forms and sensory modalities, working with different sites, landscapes, architectural and cultural spaces. Enabled by sound, his writing and artistic work is versatile in nature, exploring embodied hearing, the listening and the vulnerable body, in relation and in a democratising relationship with visual, physical performance and writing practice. He has lived in London since 1991 and has trained in Art & Design, Fine Art, both in Italy and London (Parabita Art Institute, City Lit, Slade School of Fine Art, BA/MA). He studied Arts & Humanities at the University of Salento, Italy, and has trained in Butoh and in performance in Italy, England and Japan. He has shown and performed work, nationally and internationally, (including Italy, Singapore, India, Canada, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Spain), as well as taking up art residencies and conducting research, organising and devising projects, working both solo and collaboratively. He is a Visiting Lecturer, and continues to facilitate workshops, giving talks and seminars at various universities, centres and arts establishments. Projects include [STATES OF]TRANCEformation (2005) on Tarantism and Butoh at Chisenhale Dance Space, Ringing Forest (2005) on Tinnitus (Sciart award, Wellcome Trust) Ear Bodies (2009) at Central School of Speech & Drama, Building Sound (2010), supported by the AHRC Beyond Text initiative, in collaboration with Ella Finer. Fabrizio is currently a PhD candidate at Roehampton University with a research entitled "Ear Bodies: Acoustic Folds and Ecologies in Site-Contingent Performance."

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Thierry Alexandre

Thierry Alexandre uses a decade of experience in the fields of energy healing, spirit release and trance mediumship to bring an intense spiritual dimension to his Butoh practice, meeting with the audience on a profound and often unexpected level. The wearable art pieces he creates interact with the space and the body in ways that transcend normality and mainstream perceptions, while striving to explore the very depths of the human condition. (website:

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie (Rotie Productions)

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie is an internationally recognised choreographer, performer and Butoh exponent. She has collaborated extensively with Japanese and European Butoh dancers including Ko Murobushi and Atsushi Takenouchi. Her works have been funded by Arts Council of England and British Counciil touring nationally and internationally since 1999. UK touring venues include Laban who have commissioned five productions since 2006, The Place Theatre for which she has staged eight productions and Royal Opera House. She is a costume design and choreography consultant for the MA and BA costume design courses at the London College of Fashion and has staged five major shows in venues such as the Raphael room at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy and Sadler's Wells. She is associate lecturer at Goldsmiths, Central School of Speech and Drama, Laban and numerous other Uk universities. Her work is featured in Sondra Fraleigh's book "Butoh: metaphoric dance and global alchemy" and in a new educational DVD release on Antonin Artaud produced by Pumpkin TV. She runs Butoh Uk and has organised over 50 Butoh workshops inviting international teachers, and produced four Butoh festivals. She is currently touring her solo Mythic. websites: ; [] []


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Flora Pitrolo (Roehampton University)

Giulia Tonucci (University of Bologna)

Giulia Tonucci is a researcher in Performing Arts, with a particular interest in the performance which employed digital technologies in its development and final stage result. She graduated magna cum lode at University of Bologna in MA of Theatre Studies, with a dissertation about "Body and Technologies: new kind of stage presences in the contemporary and digital performance". She developed part of the thesis research at Brunel University with the supervision of Johannes Birringer, on the last Dap-Lab performance "Ukiyo" Parallel to her academic studies, she's taken part in several workshops with distinguished Italian and international companies of theatre, such as Motus (IT), Pathosformel (IT), Guillermo Gomez-Pena (US-Mexico) and others. Since 2008 she has worked as a staff member in Theatre festivals as Netmage and F.I.S.Co, created by Xing, a cultural network operating in Italy and abroad. Additionally, she is a freelance writer of theatre/arts and musical reviews, in particular for both of published and on-line magazines, ZeroBologna and Paneacqua .

Rebecca Woodford-Smith

Rebecca Woodford-Smith is a Wales/London based theatre practitioner. Her work often explores memory and notions of history, and finding ways of using the body to give form to memory. Rebecca trained at Aberystwyth and Bristol Universities and has trained in ballet, butoh, and contemporary dance. Since 2004 she has collaborated professionally with Tokyo-based Gekidan Kaitaisha (Theatre of Deconstruction) on numerous projects in Japan, UK, Germany, and Poland. Rebecca co-founded Memopia in 2007, the performance company perform original work and teach their physical and vocal training techniques. Rebecca is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at Middlesex University, exploring a potential overlap between "European" and "post-WWII Japanese" aesthetics and ways of seeing, doing and knowing in performance.

Maite Soler (Photographer/Performer, Paris)

Maite Soler is an Art photographer, born in Barcelona in 1979. She began to draw and paint very early in different artists' workshops. While doing a Master's in sports and handicap, she continued more personal artistic research. After leaving for France to study contemporary dance, she discovered the magic of film photography. She decides to dive into it for a few years, self-taught, in France and then in Chile. Back in Paris she graduates with honors from the Versailles School of Fine Arts with photography as her specialty. Her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Sitges, Valparaiso, Santiago de Chile, Marseille and Paris. Currently she is exploring danse-improvisation-photo-video.

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Emiko Tokai (University of Dartington/Dalmouth)

Kat Powers

I Lien Ho (Exeter University)

I-Lien Ho is a Taiwanese researcher and performing artist. She studied MA in Performance Studies at NYU in 2007 and MPhil in Chinese Studies at University of Cambridge in 2009. Her MPhil thesis is entitled "Choreographing Cultural Identities: On the Case Study of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan's "Cursive I" and "Cursive II?." She is currently pursuing practice-based PhD in Performance Practice at University of Exeter with the university doctoral scholarship. Her research and practice focus on the intercultural and intermedial performance, the moving body and spirituality. She performed in "A Timeless Kaidan" in New York Butoh Festival and Robert Wilson Watermill Center open-rehearsal in 2007. Her performance was curated by Marina Abramovic and Plymouth Art Center in 2010. She has presented the papers in Pinter Centre at Goldsmiths, the conferences of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and the Association for Asian Performance.

Chen Hui-Yun (Exeter University)

Chen Hui-Yun is currently a Ph.D. student in Drama research in Drama Department, Exeter University. Her research topic is 'Taiwanese Xing-ju' (literal translation: "Taiwanese New Theatre"), which is a nostalgic theatre genre with hybrid cultural elements under the successive colonial historical context. She plans to examine this initial form of Taiwanese contemporary theatre from intercultural and post-colonial perspectives; how under the multiple influences and interactions from Japan, China and the West the Taiwanese opera absorbed and transformed its self into Taiwanese Xing-ju will also be evaluated in her research.

Hu Tzu-Yun (Exeter University)

HU Tzu-Yun is currently a Phd student in the Drama Department at Exeter University. She received her Bachelor and Master degrees from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the performance analysis of Hakka Contemporary Theatre produced by female directors in Taiwan in a post-colonial perspective. She has received a Master Dissertation Project Scholarship from Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan of Taiwan in 2005 and published two essays related to Hakka theatre, "A Survey about acting in Pao-Tsai-Cha", Yun Han Bulletin 12, by Chinese Literature Department of National Cheng Kung University and "Searching the thread of Hakka Contemporary Theater in the history of Taiwanese Modern theatre", by Hakka Study in Taiwan. Recently, she has awarded a bursary in Drama from 2009-2010 and held a position as Graduate Teaching Assistant at Exeter University.

Macarena Ortuzar (Oxford)

Macarena Ortuzar was born in Chile where she started her career as a dancer at the University of Chile in Santiago. After graduating from the University, she felt the need based on her responsibility as a woman artist to move out of the established cultural structures and to seek for alternative possibilities of expression. She decided to leave her country and reside in the United States (New York City), where she explored new methods of dance and exposed herself to alternative performance styles. During her two year stay in New York City, she funded her own studies; and as a independent foreign student she focused on integrating all aspects of her daily life to her work. This experience culminated with an invitation by La Mama Theater to perform in their multimedia work titled Easy. Afterwards, she returned to Chile to work for several independent dance companies to apply what she had learned in the US and to participate in the creation of an environment open to experimentation. Her collaborations with Marisol Vargas and the Ashtanga yoga mentored by Milvia Martinez allowed her to discover a personal movement vocabulary which she has now used in her recent work with AlienNation Company in Houston, Texas, in the creation of MIRAK at DiverseWorks, and in her subsequent work and artistic explorations. Macarena currently resides in the UK.

Frances Barbe (London/Australia)\

Frances Barbe, a performer and choreographer living in London, is one of the major non-Japanese exponents of butoh. Originally from Australia and now living in London, she trained first in ballet and modern dance and later studied theatre. She has studied Butoh since 1992 in Australia, Japan and Europe, and has been with Tadashi Endo's Mamu Dance Theatre since 1997. She has choreographed five dance works for Australian company Zen Zen Zo as well as her own solo work in London. She also performed with Katsura Kan at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001. She has trained for many years in the Japanese actor training method of Tadashi Suzuki with John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll of Frank AAPE, and is co-fouder of London's Theatre Training Initiative, providing professional development workshops for performers. She has worked outside of dance in physical theatre, circus and opera. In 2001 she was awarded a Creative Fellowship in the Performing Arts from the Arts and Humanities Research Board and Daiwa-Anglo Japanese Foundation to pursue her research into Butoh and Suzuki. Yael Karavan was born in Israel and grew up in Florence and Paris. Her dream of joining the circus was taken away by a serious scoliosis which began her study of body awareness through seven years of Feldenkraise. She studied theatre at "Telma Yelin" school of arts, performing both on television and in professional theatre. Searching for a new and different way of physical expression on stage, she travelled taking workshops in New-York, Paris and London. She studied at the Phillipe Gaulier school and Derevo's "School on Wheels". In 1996 she encountered Butoh and took classes with Sankai Juku, Carlotta Ikeda, Kazuo Ohno and others. She performs with Yumiko Yoshioka's 'Ten Pen Chii Art Labor', co founded 'Adapt- Theatre Picture Collision' with Minako Seki and Yuko Kaseki. and tours with her solo internationally. She joined MAMU DANCE THEATRE in Autumn 2000. She has working with DEREVO in 2004. In late 2011 she plans to return to Australia.

For Barbe's workshops, click here

Helen Murphy

Isabelle McCall (Brunel University)

Isabelle is a joint drama and music senior and currently completing her BA at Brunel University.

Mary Richards (Theatre Researcher, Brunel University)

Mary is a Senior Lecturer in the Theatre Department at Brunel University; her research interests include a concern with the performance body in extremis, with the connections between performance, ritual and spiritual practices, with the physics of energy relationships as they relate to performance, and with the politics of representation. She would be happy to hear from potential research students with corresponding interests.

Jay Murphy (Scotland)

Jay Murphy is a writer whose screenplays have been finalists in the Sundance Screenwriting Labs in 2011 and 2006. His work has appeared in Parkett, Contemporary, Metropolis, Art in America, Afterimage, Third Text, among many other publications; his collaborative Internet projects have been featured in the Sundance Online Film Festival. In 2008 he curated gallery exhibitions in New York and Edinburgh, and in 2009 and 2011 the film festivals "Cruel Weather" and "Break Point" both featuring new film from the Arab Middle East that ran in four cities in Scotland; his program "First Person" of seven filmmakers opens at Inverleith House in Edinburgh in November, 2011. (

Jay has completed his PhD dissertation on Artaud at the Centre for Modern Thought/University of Aberdeen, and has done extensive research on Artaud's artworks and writings (especially Artaud's audio works). His dissertation is entitled "Artaud's Metamorphosis: From Hieroglyphs to Bodies without Organs." He is now planning to conduct post-doctoral research at Goldsmiths, and is planning a research event on Artaud. Jay has very kindly given permission to present some excerpts from his current research here on our site.




Gyohei Zaitsu (Paris)

Gyohei Zaitsu (geb. 1977 in Tokio) ist ein japanischer Butoh-Kuenstler, der seit 1999 in Paris lebt. Seine vornehmlich experimentelle Arbeiten werden in vielfältigen Spielorten aufgefuehrt und er ist ein haeufiger und gern gesehener Gast bei Festivals und Kuenstlertreffen in ganz Europa. Gyohei Zaitsu gibt regelmaessig Butoh- Workshops in Paris und an anderen Orten Europas.

For Zaitsu's workshops, click here


Jennifer McColl (MPhil Student, Brunel University)

Jennifer McColl is a Chilean dancer and dance theorist. Her research has deepened the relationship between dance, performance and technology. She has published articles in leading journals in South America and participated in conferences in Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Jennifer also contributes to the creation of a national archive for dance and performance in her country, writing books like "Carmen Beuchat: Modernismo y Vanguardia" and “Reconstrucción de una escena: danza independiente en Chile 1990-2000”.

Anne Laure Misme (MA Student, Brunel University)

Anne-Laure Misme is a freelance performing arts practitioner, editing artist and performer, and a member of the DAP-Lab ensemble. Since 2008 she has worked as an editing artist with International Physical Theatre Company Gecko, Ipswich and the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. She regularly teaches drama and dance classes in various schools across Suffolk. She has also performed a short physical theatre piece "15 min to go" with company Medicine Shop at Latitude festival July, 2009, as well performing her own dance piece “Shoeless” at Ipswich fringe festival, June 2007. Her video installations have been shown in several galleries. She will also be completing a MA in Contemporary Performance Making at Brunel University in 2011.

Rebecca Horrox (MA Student, Brunel University)

Rebecca is a performance and digital artist completing her MA at Brunel University.

Jasmin Perrow (dancer)

Jasmin Perrow is a dance artist with a strong interest in Butoh training methodologies;she has been conducting a body of research into the progression of it as an art form, and this year was a resident at Cave Artspace in New York, taking intensive training sessions with Yukio Waguri, Imre Thormann and Yukio Suzuki.

Ross Jennings (BA Student, Brunel University)

Ross is an actor and third senior BA student in the Theatre Department at Brunel University.

Veronica Gouveia (BA Student, Brunel University)

Veronia is an actress and third senior BA student in the Theatre Department at Brunel University.

Christina Demenshina

Christina Demenshina is a filmmaker and currently completes her MA in Documentary Fillmmaking at Brunel University.

Kerreshea Miller

Kerreshea is a filmmaker and currently completing her BA with a single honors on screen/media studies at Brunel University.

Graeme Shaw (Audio Technican/Technical Director, Brunel University)

Graeme is an audio specialist and technical director at the School of Arts at Brunel University, who has created numerous works in interactive sound composition and collaborated with performance artists. Among his recent works, the interactive installation "Narcissus" was exhibited at Artaud Performance Center at Arts @ Artaud.

Isabela Kicman (logistics director)

Izabela Kicman is an experienced banking manager with a degree in social science.She has strong Interest in art & performance in general and an ongoing involvement in cultural events, theatre logistics and organization. Izabela's hobbies include travelling around world, theatre and psychology. She enjoys fixing others people's problems and performing bespoke psychotherapy for her friends.


Roundtable 4, with screen presentation of "Silken" (Damien Serban) Photo (c) Maite Soler


p r o g r am m e


Monday, April 4

10:00 Registration / Coffee (Artaud Performance Centre)

11:oo Keynote: Steve Dixon: Artaud  The theatre and its doubles

12:00 Welcome address, Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University

Roundtable 1 (with presentations by Johannes Birringer, Katarzyna Pastuszak & Olu Taiwo)

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 16:30 Physical Lab (Biyo Kikuchi)

17:00 Roundtable 2 : Reflections on "Artaud System"

18:30 Reception / dinner buffet Artaud Performance Centre

19:30 Opening: Video installation & Photography Exhibition

20:30 Performance "I'm here" Katsura Isobe with Manabu Shimada

21:oo "Just Visiting this Planet" UK Film Premiere (Peter Sempel)

Tuesday, April 5

10:00 Keynote: Edward Scheer: Body without Organs: Artaud and butoh

11:00 "Cell Dislocation" Live Performance (Biyo Kikuchi)

11:30 Roundtable 3

(with presentations by Michèle Danjoux, Ksenia Yakunicheva, Gordana Novakovic, and Peter Sempel)

13:30 Lunch break

14:30 Physical Lab (Olu Taiwo)

17:00 Roundtable 4 (with presentations by Karolina Bieszczad-Roley and Damien Serban, and featuring Seran's film "Silken")

18:00 Concluding Remarks, moderated by Soenke Zehle





This event is programmed by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance and supported by the Brunel University Graduate School, Goethe-Institut London, and DAIWA Foundation Japan House.



(c) 2011 The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance, Johannes Birringer (acting director)