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ARTAUD FORUM I: The World from within and without (in memoriam Kazuo Ohno) - April 4-5, 2011


Fran Barbe



I have decided to move back to my native Australia. I will leave at the end of September. But I will try to keep in touch with what you all are doing. I might end up at a HEI in Australia, I am not sure yet, but I certainly hope to continue by butoh-based performance work, one way or another.


Farewell Workshop with Fran Barbe "Cultivating Creativity through Butoh and Suzuki"


Sun 4th and Sun 11th September.

Feel free to pass on my email if you know of anyone interested in my work.


Fran Barbe’s training and creative process draws on contemporary Japanese approaches. She has trained in the Suzuki method for over fifteen years with John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll of Frank Theatre. Since 1992, she has trained and performed butoh – first with Zen Zen Zo in Australia and since moving to Europe in 1996 she joined Tadashi Endo’s Mamu Dance Theatre Company. She has created a number of solo and group works combining butoh and Suzuki as the basis for a unique company training and creative process. The focus of this workshop will be on exploring the performer’s creativity through butoh and Suzuki-based approaches. The morning will be dedicated to Suzuki-based performer training, and the afternoons will focus on butoh-based movement improvisation and devising movement. After living in the UK for 15 years, Fran is returning to Australia, so this is the last chance to work with her in the UK and to explore her unique fusion of western and Japanese approaches.



I am looking forward to presenting at the Butoh Symposium taking place at Monash University in November 2011. "Where the Image Meets the Body" It will be a great chance to meet others interested in butoh.

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