Design And Performance Lab





to the opera "Ensaio sobre a cegueira" (Blind City)

preproduction I: summer 2004 (Interaktionslabor Goettelborn, Germany)

preproduction II: Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing



solo choreography by Wan Su

(in the role of blind woman)

camera and direction by Johannes Birringer

libretto by Johannes Birringer

(adapted from Jose Saramago)

music by Paulo C. Chagas


the guide (soprano): Carrie Henneman

man on street: Wang Siangang

woman in dark glasses: Angeles Romero


Prolog edited by Johannes Birringer


production team:

Xu Xiao Fei, Liao Shuyi, Koala Yip


Digital Media Lab

Beijing Dance Academy

(c) 2004

Project director : Johannes Birringer


An installation version of "XU" was prepared in the spring 2005; in summer of 2005, the material was transformed into a new sonic project, "Cançoes dos olhos" (Augenlieder). This intermedia song cycle constitutes Phase II of ongoing research on auditory space, movement-image and song-structure. In 2006-2007, Johannes Birringer will collaborate with Paulo C. Chagas on the creation of a film opera.