Design And Performance Lab




"for the time being"


a choreosonic performamce
by DAP-Lab
directed by Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux
premiere: Saturday, May 26, 2012
Watermans, London
International Festival of Digital Art

Visual Archive of the production - the new work will tour in 2012-13

All photographs (c) 2012 DAP-Lab

All photographs (c) 2012 DaP Lab/Brigitt Angst. All garment design concepts by Michèle Danjoux. From top to bottom: Helenna Ren in prolog, with TatlinRadio; TatlinRadio test with John Richards; Michele Danjoux working on TatlinRadio headdesign; Aggeliki Margeti, Helenna Ren and Yoko Ishiguro in Scene 1;Aggeliki Margeti, Helenna Ren and Yoko Ishiguro in Scene 1; Ross Jennings as Engineer in Scene 2; Helenna Ren in Gravedigger dress during 'victory over the sun" scene 3;Aggeliki Margeti in RedMicrophoneDress in Scene 6; Helenna Ren performing triangles in Svene 4; Yoko Ishiguro with Theremuino in scene 5; close up of TatlinSpaceship; design by Michèle Danjoux/photography by Johannes Birringer

-- to be expanded -- film will appear will, on youtube and --



For more information on the design and performance concepts for

for the time being, visit us or our research notes


(c) dap 2012
Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux
Brunel University, West London