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Performance Research Seminar Series

autumn-winter 2014-15

Department of Arts & Humanities- Brunel University - London

The public is invited to participate in this series of encounters, lectures, screenings, physical and new media workshops and discussions, focussed on new thinking in performance practices,new medi arts, technologies, physical and digital/scientific creativity, and cultural production.

For more information contact 01895 267 343 .........Admission free.......... Location: Drama Studio-Gaskell Hall, Cleveland Rd, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH

Research Seminar on Dance TECH TV LIVE


Welcome to this fall's research seminar series at the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance. This fall we will focus on how praxis and theory in performance and theatre shifts as they are informed, challenged and or altered by other disciplines, processes or art forms.



Wednesday, Wednesday October 15, 2014

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo


Theron Schmidt

(King’s College)

 "Theatre at work: The life and times of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma"


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo-18:30 pm

Melissa Blanco-Borelli

(Royal Holloway)

"Choreographing the Spasm: Men Dancing in Music Videos"



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo-17:30 pm


Roundtable: How Does Theatre Do Theory?

"‘Methodologies of Performance Philosophy’"

Broderick Chow (Brunel University), with Laura Cull (University of Surrey),
Kélina Gotman (King’s College) & Tony Fisher (Royal Central SChool of Speech & Drama)



Wednesday, December 3, 20134

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo


Holly Maples

(Brunel University)

"Brother Abraham: Performing Experimental Democracy in Bill T. Jones Lincoln Project"





Winter 2015


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo-17:30 pm


Prarthana Purkayastha

(Plymouth University)


'The Skin of Performance'


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo-17:30 pm

Louise Owen

(Birkbeck College, University of London)

Constructing crisis: gender and finance in new writing for the stage


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Performance Research Seminar

GB048 Drama Studio 16:oo-17:30 pm



Nicholas Ridout

(Queen Mary)

On the Trunkmaker: Theatre and Bourgeois Life






Performance Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes Birringer

All Research Seminars are co-produced with dance tech live TV and streamed online as well as archived.


In collaboration with



The Centre broadcasts selected Performance Research Seminars live from the Brunel Drama Studio - making them available to anyone in the world interested in the subject. Johannes Birringer and Marlon Barrios Solano are co-producing the talks and discussions as live webcasts webcast live on dance tech net TV . The partnership between the Centre and dance-techTV, is an experiment in collaborative video broadcasting (the channel is dedicated to interdisciplinary explorations of the performance of movement. The channel allows worldwide 24/7 linear broadcasting of selected programs, LIVE streaming and Video On-demand). This channel is powered by, and is enveloped within, a donation based platform


Artaud Performance Centre

Artaud Forum IV


March 27-29, 2015
Artaud Performance Centre

Contested Exchanges: Space, Place and the Performance of Democracy


coordinated by Mary Richards, Grant Peterson and John Roberts

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PERFORMANCE RESEARCH SEMINAR & CONCERT: “Synaesthesia, Performance, Immersive Atmospheres”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Artaud Performance Center 001

16:00 – 18:00 Seminar

“Synaesthesia, Performance, Immersive Atmospheres” -- A conversation between Noam Sagiv, Sérgio Basbaum, Oded Ben-Tal, Diana Salazar, Maria Salgado, Gordana Novakovic, and Arthur I. Miller (author of the recently published "Colliding Worlds"), moderated by Johannes Birringer and focusing on new interdisciplinary research perspectives that link psychology, sci-art, architecture & the performing arts


19:00- 21:15 Concert

Mitslalim (video) by Oded Ben-Tal, Rees Archibald, Caroline Wilkins

14AB2 (audiovisual composition) by Phil Maguire

PANTHAREI Live Cinema Combo (Sérgio Basbaum + guests)

Pantharei, our special guests from São Paulo (Brasil), creates synesthetic performance work on sound and image, as well as theoretical work related to their creative process, concerning poetic, aesthetic, conceptual and technical issues.

Metaphors of Space and of Time: (i) Points (ii) Surface (iii) Lines (iv) volume

Composer: Oded Ben-Tal

Performer: Torbjorn Hultmark, soprano trombone & electronics

Becoming Human

Composed and performed by Pernille Ruebner-Petersen

Corporeal Inscription

Maria Salgado (choreographer/performer) and Diana Salazar (composer)

Admission: Open to All

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TRACES - Researching the Arts/Social Sciences Phd Conference

June 8, 2015

3rd Joint Researching the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Conference- Brunel University & University Of Westminster

Organised by and for Postgraduate Research Students, the '3rd Joint Researching the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Conference' brings together Brunel University and University of Westminster. This celebration of the creative and scholarly work done at our universities will take the form of a platform for current research manifestations, debate and exchange. Now in its third year, the 2015 joint platform will be held at University of Westminster's central London campus on the 8th June. The theme of the conference is "Traces."

You can follow the conference on Facebook, and also on Twitter: @TracesConf2015



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