DAP-Lab / dans sans joux present:



"for the time being (Victory over the Sun)" - two excerpts from Act I and Act II performed at BBC World Series Click program on Wearable Technologies (Feb 25, 2014)


audible choreography and performance by Vanessa Michielon

additional performance by Rosella Galindo

fashion design direction and audiophonic design for TatlinTower and RedMicroDress by Michèle Danjoux

art direction by Michèle Danjoux

sound processing and music by Oliver Doyle

camera by Jacopo Landi and Johannes Birringer // editing by Johannes Birringer




All rights reserved (c) BBC World Series "Click", produced by Colin Grant & moderated by Gareth Mitchell, and DAP-Lab / dans sans joux 2014


Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, London